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The epitome of crazy, procrastination, and fandom.


Alias: Kuvera.
Gender: Female.
Age: 18.
Occupation: Student. Writer. Artist. Theatre Geek. Gamer. Furry. Fangirl.
Orientation: Pansexual. (I like everyone~)
Location: North Carolina
Likes: Writing. Reading. Anime. Video games. Voice-acting/Acting/Podcasting. Video Editing. Drawing. Having fun. Being a geek.
Dislikes: Bigotry. Those with the lack of common sense. Those that can’t take a joke. Mathematics. Waking up early. Being shy.
Yu-Gi-Oh!. Zombieland. Doctor Who. Torchwood. Transformers. Wild Knights Gulkeeva. Brave Police J-Decker. Pokemon. Dragonball Z. Inuyasha. FullMetal Alchemist. Dragon Age: Origins. Bioshock. Storm Hawks. Mythbusters. Harry Potter.
"Whether we only live once or a thousand times, we have to enjoy it."


Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
action, aliens, ancient egypt, androids, animation, anime, anthro, anthromorphics, architecture, art, bats, bellydancing, bioshock, bisexuality, blacklight, body painting, books, cartoons, clubbing, comedy, comics, conventions, creating, creativity, demonology, digimon, disney, district 9, doctor who, dogs, dragon age origins, dragons, drawing, editing, egyptology, england, family guy, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, forums, freema agyeman, friends, furries, furry fandom, fursuiting, fursuits, glowsticks, good original characters, gothic, half-breeds, harry potter, hellboy, hermaphrodite, holland, imagination, insense, internet, interspecies, invader zim, ireland, jack skellington, jack/sally, japanese culture, kingdom hearts, magic, manga, martha jones, mecha, mechs, mike nelson, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mst3k, music, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, mythology, nature, nightmare before christmas, ninja warrior, novels, observational humor, open-mindedness, originality, otaku, outcasts, pagan, paganism, pansexuality, pawpets, podcast, podcasting, pokemon, puppetry, puzzleshipping, rave, raves, reading, renaissance faires, reptiles, riff, rifftrax, robots, roleplaying, sally the ragdoll, sarcasm, sci-fi, scotland, sexuality, shamanism, shiny things, sleeping, snuggling, sonic the hedgehog, spirituality, swimming, swords, tattoos, techno, theatre, tim burton, tom servo, torchwood, trance, transformers, transformers animated, transformers beast wars, tribal, video games, video production, voice acting, weapons, webcast, weight training, werewolves, witchcraft, witches, within temptation, wolves, writing, yaoi, yugioh